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Native Gardens

You can’t choose your neighbors. In this brilliant new comedy, cultures and gardens clash, turning well-intentioned neighbors into feuding enemies.

Destiny of Desire

On a stormy night in Bellarica, Mexico, two baby girls are born — one into a life of privilege and one into a life of poverty. When the newborns are swapped by a former beauty queen with an insatiable...

The Book Club Play

A hit comedy about books and the people who love them. When the members of a devoted book club become the subjects of a documentary filmmaker and accept a provocative new member, their long-standing group dynamics take a...

Legacy of Light

Two women scientists, living hundreds of years apart, explore the meaning of love, motherhood, family, art and science in this contemporary comedy.

Just Like Us

Based on Helen Thorpe's bestselling book, this documentary-style play follows four Latina teenage girls in Denver — two of whom are documented and two who are not—through young adulthood.

Mariela in the Desert

Mariela and José were once the golden couple of the Mexican artists’ inner circle. Together they built a family and an artist colony to host friends Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and Rufino Tamayo.

Mariela en el Desierto

Es 1950 y en el desolado desierto del norte de México viven aislados Mariela y José, dos pintores de célebre pasado, perseguidos por el fantasma de su hijo pequeño.

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Based on Julia Alvarez' critically acclaimed, best-selling novel, Karen Zacarías' play follows four sisters who emigrate from the Dominican Republic to New York in 1960, and must adjust to a new life and a new culture.

The Sins of Sor Juana

Legendary Mexican poet Juana Inés de la Cruz writes expressive, sensual verse at the Viceroy’s court in the 1600s, a time when it was unfashionable—and sinful—for women to exercise their intellect.

The Sun Also Rises: A Ballet

Considered by many to be his finest novel, the story follows an American journalist, Jake Barnes a member of the “lost generation” of 1920s American expatriates from the seedy café life of Paris’ Left Bank to the thrilling “running...

Chasing George Washington

Field trips are fun, especially when your destination is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! In this charming and exciting new musical, Dee, José, and Annie accidentally knock George Washington out of his portrait and into real life–turning their White House tour...

Einstein is a Dummy

As an adult, Albert Einstein changed our view of the universe. But as a boy, he struggled with the same issues any twelve year-old might – keeping up with violin lessons, impressing the girl next-door and – oh yeah,...

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans: A Salsa Fairy Tale

What will happen to Cinderella at the ball...game? That's the surprising climactic question in this contemporary Latin-American Cinderella Musical, which delightfully turns the classic fairy tale on its head, telling the story from both Cinderella and the "step-sister's" perspective.

Frida Libre

Alex may seem like a quiet, shy boy, but he secretly holds big ideas inside his head. He wants to be a luchador (wrestler) and defeat bad guys in the ring. His life changes when he meets brave and...

The Magical Piñata

A seemingly plain clay pot magically transports Cucha, a selfish and lonely girl, from her small town of "Zapotoco" to a mysterious jungle filled with eccentric characters.

Ferdinand the Bull

A classic tale of individuality, Ferdinand is the story of a bull who doesn't want to fight and butt heads like all the other bulls: he just wants to take care of his beloved flowers.

Jane of the Jungle

Jane is an ordinary suburban girl, complete with a really nice mom and a bratty little brother. But Jane is on the verge of some big changes.