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The Magical Piñata

A seemingly plain clay pot magically transports Cucha, a selfish and lonely girl, from her small town of “Zapotoco” to a mysterious jungle filled with eccentric characters. Cucha encounters Parrot Rivera, a jungle muralist who paints the future, Señor Chapulin, a soccer star with the heart of the present, and Burro Burrito, a farmer that plows the past. But the evil Monkey King and his silly Sidekick know the clay pot is really a magical piñata and scheme to steal it from her. Through Cucha’s musical journey, she discovers magic in the mundane, cultural pride, and the power of sharing.

“‘A long running hit!”

– Jane Horowitz, Washington Post

Cast & Crew

Book & Lyrics by Karen Zacarías
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma

2 women // 2 men

The play/score is published by Dramatic Publishing.