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Einstein is a Dummy

As an adult, Albert Einstein changed our view of the universe. But as a boy, he struggled with the same issues any twelve year-old might – keeping up with violin lessons, impressing the girl next-door and – oh yeah, comprehending the fundamental relationship of space and time to the speed of light, of course. This uplifting play about a fictional day in young Einstein’s life confirms that each of us is both ordinary and special. With an engaging, original score, a healthy dose of imagination, and the help of a mysterious cat, Einstein is a Dummy reveals life’s atomic possibilities.

“Young Einstein’s geeky streak is reason to rock…’Einstein’ abounds with the energy of its subject matter…The verdict: Sheer energy, musicalized.”

– Susan Elliott, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“It was the most creative approach to communicating physics that I’ve ever seen”

– Prof Grober, Georgia State University

“Zacarías and La Puma posit a wild, absurd, thoroughly hilarious scenario that is, remarkably, absolutely consistent with Einstein’s descriptions of his mental process of discovery. They revel in an exhilarating theatrical celebration of the power of the human mind unbound by the limitations of human convention.

Along the way, they give solace and encouragement to every different-thinking child that is fortunate enough to encounter the piece.

EINSTEIN IS A DUMMY is one of the most important TYA plays of my lifetime, and its time has come.”

– Scot Copeland, Producing Artistic Director, Nashville Children’s Theater

Cast & Crew

Books and Lyrics by Karen Zacarías
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma

Small Cast: 1 woman  //  3 men
Large Cast: 5 women  //  3 men

Developed at New Vision New Voices, Kennedy Center. Commissioned and Premiered at Alliance Theater, Atlanta, GA.

Selected production history:
Nashville Children’s Theater, Oregon Children’s Theater,

The play/score is published by Dramatic Publishing.

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