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Destiny of Desire

“An unapologetic and subversive Telenovela for the Stage”

On a stormy night in Bellarica, Mexico, two baby girls are born — one into a life of privilege and one into a life of poverty. When the newborns are swapped by a former beauty queen with an insatiable lust for power the stage is set for two outrageous misfortunes to grow into one remarkable destiny. “A writer of comedic skill” (Variety), Karen Zacarías infuses the Mexican telenovela genre with music, high drama and burning passion to make for a fast-paced modern comedy.

“Terrifically entertaining theatrical roller-coaster “Destiny of Desire…is a zany, funny delight”

– LA Times – Charles McNulty

“Destiny of Desire” may owe a debt to soap operas, miniseries and potboilers of the most shameless variety, but it also shares storytelling DNA with Shakespeare’s romances, in which children are lost, lovers are separated and the lurking threat of death and destruction makes happy endings all the more delectable.” Read More

– LA Times – Charles McNulty

“Simply fabulous and riotously funny…highly entertaining. (Destiny of Desire) would make a good Broadway musical.

– Chicago Tribune – Chris Jones

“Destiny of Desire,”  List of Best Theater of 2016. South Coast Repertory. Director José Luis Valenzuela magnificently animated Zacarías’ ebullient homage to the telenovela in a play that delights in its own outrageous plotting while zanily offering up nuggets of wide-ranging wisdom from the narrative joyride. Read More

– LA Times

Cast & Crew

5 women  //  5 men
Live musician (when possible)

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Selected production history:
Arena Stage, South Coast Repertory, The Goodman Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival