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Ferdinand the Bull

A classic tale of individuality, Ferdinand the Bull is the story of a bull who doesn’t want to fight and butt heads like all the other bulls: he just wants to take care of his beloved flowers. But when the belligerent Duque Dodo comes looking for the toughest bull in all of Spain to fight in Madrid, he mistakenly picks Ferdinand. In this fun and imaginative adaptation, including a pun-ful pig named Cochina who wants to be a star, and the matador Danilo, who really wants to be a Flamenco dancer, everyone learns to be true to themselves.

“‘Ferdinand’ is outstanding in its field!…A clever script that managers to blend lofty Shakespearean themes with the corniest jokes ever!”

– Chris Slattery, The Gazette

“You had me at Moo.”

– The Washington Times

Cast & Crew

Based on the Book by Munro Leaf
Book & Lyrics by Karen Zacarías
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma

2 women  //  2 men
(extras as desired)

Commissioned and Premiered at Imagination Stage, Bethesda, MD.

Selected production history:
The Goodman Theater, The Coterie, Alliance Theater, Arden Theater, Adventure Theater, Milagro Theater, Oregon Children’s Theater, Childsplay

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