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The Sins of Sor Juana

“Why is an enlightened woman dangerous?”

Legendary Mexican poet Juana Inés de la Cruz writes expressive, sensual verse at the Viceroy’s court in the 1600s, a time when it was unfashionable—and sinful—for women to exercise their intellect. The Viceroy is jealous of Juana’s influence on his beautiful wife, the Vicereine, who has arranged a profitable marriage to ensure that Juana will always have a place at court. Believing his own marriage is threatened by Juana’s engagement, the Viceroy hires a charming, educated rogue to seduce Juana and destroy her reputation. When Juana refuses to compromise her poetry for what the church ordains appropriate, she stands to lose everything she loves.

Approximate running time: 120 minutes.

“The play has everything…brilliantly written…The Sins of Sor Juana is a must-see…wonderfully complex and poetic.”

— Broadside

“Zacarías’ real talent is for intense, one-on-one scenes between people. On a human level, Juana’s confrontations with almost every character are absorbing.”

— Washington Post

At The Goodman


University Production

Los Pecados de Sor Juana

“A Nun’s Tale that Translates Well.”

— Washington Post

“Subtle, spare, intelligent writing.”

— Washington Post

Cast & Crew

Winner of the Helen Hayes Award—The Charles MacArthur Prize for Outstanding New Play, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC 

Winner of the 1998 Hispanic Playwrights Project, South Coast Repertory Theatre

4 women  //  3 men
(10 characters are played by 7 actors- May be expanded with chorus, court and nuns)

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Selected production history:
Theater of the First Amendment (1999 World Premiere), Performance Network, South West Repertory Theater, Borderlands Theater, Teatro Vista, Northwestern University, The Goodman Theater (2011 Rewrite)

Selected production history – Los Pescados de Sor Juana:
GALA Hispanic Theater

Click here to download a brief excerpt from The Sins of Sor Juana in English

Click here to download a brief excerpt from Los Pecados de Sor Juana in Spanish